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Sophia Montessori Academy

A School in the Byzantine Catholic Tradition

Educating the Whole Child, Fostering Community,

Nurturing a Life of Faith

Pink Tower

“We give the child nourishing food so

that his little body may grow, and in just the same way we must provide him with suitable nourishment for his mental

and moral growth.”


Maria Montessori



SMA is an independent Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Denver. As such, we uphold all teachings and tenets of the Catholic Church

and are in communion with the

Holy Father of Rome.



Blessing Hand

We are in the process of finalizing a covenant relationship with Holy Protection Byzantine Catholic Church and the Eparchy of Phoenix. This relationship is seen through guidance from the pastor, attending Divine Liturgy, mutual sharing of space,

and living a life of prayer. 



Good Shepherd
"I explored many, MANY options when considering school for my son. I was so impressed by the quiet, supportive, happy and productive learning atmosphere fostered by Ms. Pauline and Ms. Irene. The kids are so respectful of one another, their environment, their tools and their teachers.
Emily R
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