Why Byzantine Catholic?


In 2016, Irene and Pauline met with Father Michael O'Loughlin, pastor of Holy Protection of the Mother of God Byzantine Catholic parish in Denver to discuss their dreams of starting a Montessori school in the Catholic tradition. Through their conversations, Father proposed for the school to be in the Byzantine tradition. After some prayers and reflections, Irene and Pauline saw how incredibly the Montessori philosophy and the Byzantine tradition come together.

Maria Montessori herself was Catholic and her faith greatly influenced her work. One could say that the Montessori approach is a very Catholic approach to understanding the human person and to learning.

Both Montessori and the Byzantine tradition are very hands on and respect the need for physical connection and interaction for learning. 

The name Sophia came from the Greek word for "wisdom" and for St. Sophia, the mother of three martyrs- Faith, Hope, and Charity. 

Do you want to know more? Visit Holy Protection of the Mother of God Byzantine Catholic Church and attend Divine Liturgy: Sundays 9:30am