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Session Highlights

     We started with prayer and intentions- it is always beautiful to hear the children's intentions

     Ms. Irene shared a presentation on the Annunciation using our Catechesis materials (Luke 1: 26-38)

            See the attached coloring pages in the file share.

            Here are some follow up questions you can meditate on with your child:

                      What did the angel say to Mary? That she was going to have a baby.

                      We discussed how Mary had so much faith in God, she believed he could do anything, even if it was                             impossible. Mary was a virgin, someone who cannot have a baby but God made it happen anyway! 

                      Who else was going to have a baby? Elizabeth, Mary’s kinswoman. It was impossible for her too but                            God made it happen!

                      Who was the angel? Gabriel

                      What was Mary’s answer? Yes! Let it be done to me according to God’s will

                      What will be the great and impossible thing God might ask of you?

                      We listened to a Marian Hymn

                      You can watch the Versperal Divine Liturgy celebrated by Fr. Brian HERE


Follow Up Activities

1. Color the Annunciation coloring pages

2. Pick 5 items in your house to trace on paper and add the details

3. Find an old magazine or catalog and cut out pictures to make your own collage. Older students can write about their composition

4. Make a salt tray so your child can practice writing sounds in cursive; alternately, they may write on a chalkboard, or pencil and paper.Older students can practice their names and family names

5. Fold pieces of paper with a number on each and ask your child to collect that amount of something around the house (rocks, socks, books, spoons, stuffed animals, people, etc...)


I recommend writing these ideas on little slips of paper and when you or your child is in need of an idea of something to do, just pull one out! 


Heading 1

Week 1

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