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"My daughter loves her school. The teachers genuinely love their students and it shows. I came one day to pick her up early and I couldn’t believe it was a preschool classroom— it was so quiet! Everyone calmly working on their individual lessons. You’d never know there were 20 kids in the room. I’ve never seen anything like it. My daughter has learned all kinds of both educational and practical things— she’s even learned how to sew! It’s been a great experience."  Erin

"Miss Pauline, Miss Irene, and their assistants Emma and Teresa have done an amazing job with their Montessori classroom. Our 3.5 year old son was instantly at home here and is thriving. He is learning grace and courtesy, self-confidence, and independence. We would highly recommend Sophia Montessori if you are looking for a positive discipline and Montessori classroom!"  Billie Jean

"Great school, great teachers. A robust philosophy of learning and teaching. My son goes here and loves his teachers and fellow students. I and other parents chose Sophia after months and months of research, and wouldn't think of going anywhere else." Chelsea

"We feel like we’ve hit the jackpot with this school. Amazing teachers, a beautiful classroom space, top notch Montessori education, and with the Catholic faith centering it all. Could not have asked for anything more for our child’s preschool. The school is centrally located for any type of commute from Denver or surrounding suburbs." Emily L.

"I explored many, MANY options when considering school for my son. I was so impressed by the quiet, supportive, happy and productive learning atmosphere fostered by Ms Pauline and Ms Irene. The kids are so respectful of one another, their environment, their tools and their teachers. I love the grace and courtesy lessons my son is bringing home to our family. He is learning so much in the Montessori model, gaining communication/social skills, and growing in confidence." Emily R.

"We love Sophia Montessori!! We followed Ms. Pauline when she decided to start this beautiful Montessori school. Our daughter is PreK and we couldn't be happier. Class size is perfect. Great space. The Montessori method works for us. We are excited to see this school grow. There is a lot of love and happiness in Sophia." Annette