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History, Geography, and Culture

A class based on the ABC's of Christian culture covering concepts of History, Geography, Culture, Science and Language. The class is designed to be homeschool enrichment classes for children 6-10 years old (approximately 1st-3rd grade). Classes are designed to follow the Montessori approach and support studies done at home.

Classes are offered by the semester and run from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. Each class has a minimum required enrollment of 5 students and a supply fee. 

Geography, History, and Culture Studies
A hands on approach for children to begin to learn about the different cultures of the world based on geography. We will begin with Ancient cultures of the Middle East, in conjunction with the Old Testament. In the second semester we will study Europe and the coming of Christianity. Important date and people to the culture are presented on a timeline. 



A basic introduction to the skills of observation and experimentation, drawing and sketching. Study of the formation of the world and development of land mass and oceans, focusing on states of matter (solid, liquid, gas). Focus on the life sciences with simple organisms, in particular differentiating between plant and animal life. These courses will be a very hands-on in the classroom and home projects. We begin by helping the students see and observe the wonders of God’s world around them. 

We will use the Montessori materials to work in the English language to learn more about parts of speech, grammar, mechanics of language, poetry, and literature. This approach forms a solid foundation for drama and acting that will be explored in a later course. 


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