A Need for More Space

As of 2019, enrollment reached maximum capacity for our current facility, a 2,300-square-foot building at 2626 E Louisiana Avenue in Denver. This building allows for one 800 square foot classroom and a 750 square foot outdoor space. 

In only three years, we’ve expanded from 19 students to 35 students (or 25 per day), and the waitlist keeps growing. As of late January 2020, we had turned away nearly 30 children for the 2021-2022 school year due to lack of capacity. Half the parents who want to send their children to SMA can’t—if we had more physical space, we could quickly double enrollment.


There’s a clear demand for the education SMA provides. We just need more room.


Could you be part of the solution?


A New Home for Sophia Montessori Academy | Room to Grow


The Opportunity

We’ve identified a new facility where SMA could continue growing for years to come. Located near I-25 and Yale, the two-story building offers greater accessibility for commuting families, has space for a large natural playground, provides ample parking, and is located within a neighborhood ideal for walking with our students. This new location would give us the space to welcome more students and enable expansion beyond preschool into elementary school grades, eventually offering Montessori education through sixth grade.


Plans for Renovation

With nearly five times the square footage of our current location, the new building offers space for more than just classrooms.


Phase One: Move in to the first floor | From Fall 2023 to Fall 2024

Remodel the first floor and outdoor spaces. Creating 3 classroom spaces on the main floor as well as adding a chapel, a reception area, an office, a staff lounge, a library, a meeting room for parents, and an extra room that can be used for extracurricular lessons and as an indoor gym.


Enrollment Stage A: Fall 2023

Two primary classrooms.

Capacity: 56 primary students


Enrollment Stage B: Fall 2024

Two primary classrooms and one elementary classroom. The third classroom will enable SMA to extend educational opportunities for current students into the lower elementary school grades. In phase three, this classroom will become a primary classroom and elementary students will move upstairs. Outdoor gardens will offer further learning opportunities for students of all ages.

Capacity: 56 primary students and 20 elementary students (76)


Phase Two: Renovate the second floor and expand elementary capacity. | Fall 2026

Creating two elementary classrooms upstairs with a library for their level and a study room to be used for music/tutoring/one on one lessons, adding a conference room for staff meeting and staff offices


Enrollment Stage C: Fall 2026

Move elementary upstairs into two classrooms. Open a third primary classroom downstairs.

Enrollment capacity: 84 primary students and 40 elementary students (124)


SMA Today

  • Indoor space: 2,300 square feet

  • Outdoor playground space: 750 square feet

  • Enrollment capacity: 35 students (25 per day)


SMA Tomorrow

  • Indoor space: 

    • Phase One: 8,000 square feet 

    • Phase Two: 12,500 square feet

  • Outdoor playground space: 17,850 square feet

  • Enrollment capacity:

    • Stage A: 56 students

    • Stage B: 76 students

    • Stage C: 124 students


Total Capital Needed: $3.5 million