Day 5

See the video HERE

Session Highlights

Ms. Irene told us the story of St. Thomas saying "my Lord and my God" after Jesus' resurrection in the recording. 

Ms. Irene taught us letter sounds- /c/, /i/, /p/, /o/ at minute 8:42 in the recording

Ms. Irene taught us about Vertebrates and Invertebrate animals starting at 22:57 in the recording

Ms. Irene read the story "Are You a Grasshopper" by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries at minute 30:04 in the recording

Ms. Theresa presented the lesson on the Eucharistic Presence starting at 41:06 in the recording

Follow up and Extensions:

Sandpaper Letters- /c/, /i/, /p/, /o/

Complete pages 42-49 and page 53 in Workbook 1
Complete pages 55-57 in Workbook 1 (practice both in print and cursive)
Find items in your house that start or have these sounds in them
Write these sounds in print and cursive in chalk outside
Make words using the sounds we have learned- a, m, s, t, c, i, p, o (Print your own Movable Alphabet or use Bananagrams/Scrabble/magnetic letters to write words)
See the attachment for words to write and match to pictures and words to read and match to the pictures

Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Go on a nature walk and take pictures of all the animals you see and classify them as vertebrates or invertebrates

Look through magazines and catalogs and cut out pictures of animals, sort them into categories (vertebrate or invertebrate), and glue them on paper. Older children can write their names and research each animal.

For the grasshopper- complete pages 129-139 in Workbook 3

For the frog- complete pages 141-147 in Workbook 3

Eucharistic Presence 

Meditate on the presentation of the Eucharistic presence of the Good Shepherd

 “Who is the Good Shepherd? What do the sheep do?” 

“There is a very specific time when the Shepherd calls his sheep to be with him in a very special way.”

“The Good Shepherd, Jesus, calls his sheep to his altar. The Good Shepherd calls his sheep and they follow him” 

“Jesus invites us to his altar so that he can give all of himself to his sheep. But at the Eucharist he is present in the bread and the wine during Divine Liturgy/Mass."

“Where have we seen this before?” 

“Since we know Jesus is present in the bread and wine do we still need the statue?” 

Draw the Good Shepherd and His sheep.
Color the pages attached.

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