Day 3

See the video HERE

Session Highlights


Ms. Irene shared our first set of sounds in workbook- starting at 6:25 minute in the recording
We learned about Living and Non-Living- starting at minute 24.14 in the recording
Ms. Irene showed us the parts of a plant and the parts of a flower- starting at minute 30:20 in the recording

Workbook Follow up and extensions:

Parents, if you child needs help with labeling, you can write letters and words in a light colored pencil for your child to trace over with a pencil  


  • Color the images for each sound: Bk1, pgs 34-41

  • Write the sounds in cursive next to the print letters in your workbook

  • Cut out the pictures and match them to the correct sound: Bk1 pg. 51

  • Find 5 items in your house that start with /a/, /m/, /s/, /t/, draw them on paper, write their names

  • Older students: find words that you can make using these 4 letters


  • Sort living and nonliving items around your house, you can also draw them. Older students can label the words.

  • Color the tree, plant, flower in your workbook: Bk1, pgs 152-156 (tree), Bk1, pgs, 157-161 (flower), Bk3, pgs 86-90 (Plant). Older students can label each part.

  • Set up a plant watering tray: a small water jug, a sponge to clean the leaves, scissors to cut away dead leaves, etc...

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