Day 2

See the video HERE

Session Highlights


Ms. Theresa Grondin presented the Parable of the Leaven (Matthew 13:33) starting at minute 10:15 on the video
We did our first lessons using the workbooks. See the recording for the lesson starting at minute 31:03 on the video

Parable of the Leaven Follow up:
Replicate the Parable of the Leaven at home. 
            In a bowl, mix three measures (1/3 cup three times) of flour with one measure of yeast (1/2 teaspoon)                and mix with water until it forms a dough. let rest for at least 1 hour.

Observe the changes and ask these questions:
           Think about what Jesus is telling us. What do we see? What’s changed?  What do you notice about the                 smell? How does it feel different? Can we see the yeast any more?
           How is yeast working?” (from within; quietly;  powerfully though tiny)   
           What did Jesus want us to know about the Kingdom of Heaven?  
           Would you like to say something to Jesus about this power?  You may speak to Him aloud or silently in                your heart.
           Older students can draw/write about the changes in the leaven and what it means about the Kingdom of            Heaven
As an extension: In a second bowl, mix the same amount of flour and water without the yeast to compare what happens.
Introduce the word "hypothesis"- our guess as to what will happen during an experiment (what will happen to the flour with the yeast and what will happen to the flour without the yeast?)
Print this coloring page of the Parable of the Leaven

Workbook Follow up and extensions:

  • Color the shapes in your workbooks, pages Bk1, pgs 8 -13, Bk2, pgs 8-12, Bk3, 8-16  

  • Do a scavenger hunt at home for various shapes

  • Here is an extension to print at home

  • Older students can practice writing the names of each shape in cursive

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