Day 9

See the video HERE

Session Highlights

Ms. Irene taught us about Land and Water Forms: Lake and Island, Gulf and Peninsula starting at minute 6:48 in the recording

Ms. Irene taught us about Tens starting at minute 16:42 in the recording 

Ms. Pauline taught us about Geometric Solids: Sphere, Ovoid, Ellipsoid starting at minute 25:16 in the recording

Ms. Irene us about the Animal Kingdom (vertebrates) starting at minute 32:32 in the recording  

Follow up and Extensions:

Land and Water Forms: Lake and Island, Gulf and Peninsula  

Complete pages 125-126 in Workbook 2
More lessons and 3 part cards on Land and Water Forms
Make your own Land and Water Forms using sand, dirt, clay, playdoughfelt, or crackers and frosting
Find pictures from your travels, magazines, catalogs of lakes, islands, gulfs, peninsulas

Tens: 10-99

Complete pages 102-106 in Workbook 2

Practice counting by 10s

Make bundles of tens- sticks, rocks, spoons, books, etc..

Practice making your own "tens" using the attachments: one, two, three

We will present a lesson on the 100 Board on Friday

Geometric Solids: Sphere, Ovoid, Ellipsoid 

Complete pages 31 and 37-39 in Workbook 2

Find items in our home that have the shape of a sphere, ovoid, ellipsoid. Draw the objects. Older children can practice writing the names of the objects and of the shapes

Animal Kingdom

Find images of various animals in magazines, catalogs, or on the internet and sort them into categories "reptile", "amphibian", "mammal", "bird", "fish"
You could also sort stuffed animals into the various categories
See the attachment for more pictures to sort

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