Day 8

See the video HERE

Session Highlights

Ms. Irene taught us about volcanoes starting at minute 5:21 in the recording

Ms. Irene reviewed continents at minute 12:58 in the recording

Ms. Irene taught us the sounds of "oo" and "ee" at minute 19:22 in the recording 

Ms. Irene us the sight words "the", "is", and "a" starting at minute 32:52 in the recording

Ms. Irene taught us butterflies starting at minute 42:19 in the recording

Ms. Irene read: "Are You a Butterfly?" by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries starting at minute 47:45 in the recording


Follow up and Extensions:


Make your own volcano experiment at home

Complete pages 119-124 in Workbook 2

 Learn more HERE  

You can look at videos of real volcanoes but this is only recommend for older children (6+) as younger children may get scared that volcanoes can be a direct threat to them


Complete pages 129-137 in Workbook 2

Practice the Continent Song Ms. Irene shared

Make your own continent map to trace on the sidewalk or on paper. To make it sturdier- make the continents out of cardboard to trace (see attachment)

Practice writing the names of the continents (see attachment)

Practice the continent 3 part cards (see attachment)

Sandpaper Letters: /ee/, /oo/

Complete pages 38-41 in Workbook 3

Complete pages 42-45 in Workbook 3, also practice writing the words in cursive
Complete page 79 in Workbook 1 (practice both in print and cursive)
Find items in your house that start or have these sounds in them
Write these sounds in print and cursive in chalk outside

Sight Words

Make flash cards of "a", "the", "is", practice recognizing the words, practice writing the words (cursive and print)

Have a scavenger hunt for "the", "a", and "is" in your books at home

Make words using the printable movable alphabet and add the articles "a" or "the" before the words "a cup", "the fan"


Complete page 153 in Workbook 2
Get a butterfly kit from Insectlore. Keep a journal to draw and write about the changes you see in your caterpillar as it goes through metamorphosis and becomes a butterfly
Learn more about the many kinds of butterflies in our world
Learn about symmetry by folding a piece of paper and painting on only one side, then fold again to see the image on both sides, just like for butterfly wings! 
Learn the parts of the butterfly, see attachment
Make a caterpillar out of egg cartons or paper rings
Print the pictures of caterpillars and butterflies attached and try to match which go together! 

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