Day 7

See the video HERE

Session Highlights

Ms. Theresa presented on Baptism starting at minute 9:40 in the recording

Ms. Irene taught us about the layers of the earth at minute 32:00 in the recording

Ms. Irene taught us about Land/Air/Water at minute 38.02 in the recording 

Ms. Irene went over the rest of our teen numbers starting at minute 44:45 in the recording

Ms. Irene taught us about addition using our colored beads starting at minute 49:10 in the recording

Follow up and Extensions:


Find pictures of your Baptism (and your siblings Baptisms) and have some quiet time to listen to your parents telling you the story of your Baptism, why they chose your name, who came, how they picked your godparents, look at your Baptismal candle and vestments, etc...
Older students could make a book or collage about their baptism
Make a note on your calendar of your Baptism Day and celebrate it each year with cake and a visit to Church
Sing the song "All You Who Have Been Baptized into Christ"
Adults can learn more about Byzantine Baptism HERE

Layers of the Earth

Complete pages 110-114 in Workbook 2

Make your own layers of the Earth using playdoughcake, or paper

Learn more HERE

Land, Air, and Water

Complete pages 115-117 in Workbook 2
Collect "land", "air", "water" at home
Find things that belong on land/air/water in catalogs/magazines and cut them out and categorize them

Teens: 16-19

Complete numbers 16-19 in Workbook 2 on pages 90-91

Complete pages 92-95 in Workbook 2

Print out and play number bingo with numbers 0-19

Write 16-19 on slips of paper and have your child pick a quantity to gather (rocks, dry noodles, legos, pencils, ...)

Give your child a quantity and have them write the number you gathered down

Do a number scavenger hunt, look through your house for the numbers 16-19

Print the teens board attachment to practice 11-19 at home  


Complete pages 96-99 in Workbook 2

Find everyday ways to add: laundry, cooking, setting the table, playing outside, etc...

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