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We are excited to welcome you to the Sophia Montessori Academy Community. SMA started due to the support from friends, our families, and members of the Catholic community of Colorado. We hope to continue to be of service to
families of SMA and the wider community.


An episode on
The 4 Planes of Development
as outlined by
Maria Montessori with Jordan Langdon of Families of Character.

Listen to our director, Pauline Meert, talk with Father Michael O'Loughlin and Mother Natalia of What God is Not Podcast discuss children in Church.

Learn more about the Cottage School with the Classical Montessori Institute Montessori approach and how SMA meets the needs of many families.

Listen to an overview of Montessori Education in an episode from the Catholic Psyche Podcast, featuring Pauline Meert


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A featured blog
post from Lux Lab after they created the video for the annual gala

Screen Shot 2023-07-01 at 12.07.24 AM.png

A post on the beginnings of SMA, featured on
Catholic Match

Screen Shot 2023-07-01 at 12.06.47 AM.png

An article about SMA featured on the Catholic News Agency

Screen Shot 2023-07-01 at 12.08.49 AM.png

An article on SMA featured on
Denver Catholic



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Maria Montessori's Life

Planes of Development

The Absorbent Mind and Sensitive Periods

Observation and the Role of the Adult

Grace and Courtesy

up the Environment

Establishing Routines

Independence and Discipline

Concentration and Repetition

A Reality Based Approach

The Religious Potential

What Makes an Activity Montessori




320 S. Sherman St.

Denver, CO 80209



Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri

Sat - Sun

8:00 am – 4:30 pm


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