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SMA opened its doors in 2018 to spread an education that promotes Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. SMA offers a truly unique learning environment, infusing a traditional Montessori curriculum with the Byzantine Catholic faith tradition. It is a perfect combination. The Montessori Method uses hands on materials to help children develop concentration, coordination, a sense of order, independence, and a love of learning, while the Byzantine liturgy embodies spiritual realities in physical signs and symbols.

Through individualized teaching and hands-on learning in a rich, faith-filled environment, Sophia Montessori Academy engages children with wonder of God and develops the whole person: intellectually, physically, and spiritually. Denver-area families have taken notice: In only three years, Sophia Montessori Academy has expanded from an initial class of 19 to 35 students.

In spite of the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic, enrollment at SMA has doubled-and interest far exceeds our capacity. This past spring, we were forced to turn away students for 2021-2022 school year because we simply don't have the space to accommodate the demand.

SMA could grow into a larger loving learning community for families around the Denver metro area who desire an excellent and faith-filled education for their children. It could offer young children eight years of academic formation and spiritual nourishment. But right now, it cannot.

Many parents who wish to send their children to SMA are unable to-not for financial reasons but due to our lack of space.


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Goal for new space to include:

  •  Three primary classrooms to meet the needs of 84 students

  • One to two early elementary classrooms that meets the needs of 40 students

  • Outdoor playgrounds with trees, gardens, and abundant nature

If space allows, we will also add the following: 

  • A Chapel

  • A Library

  • Space for extracurriculars, private lessons, and indoor gym time

  • Sufficient office space for staff, visiting parents, and administrative needs

Winter 2022 

Recruit Property Search Committee and begin property search. Begin Fundraising.

Spring 2022

Continue Fundraising.


Fall 2022

Plan for the 2023-2024 School Year.

Finalize location and renovation needs.

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Summer 2023


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