Sophia Montessori Academy was just a dream for years. Many people in the community were seeking an exceptional education for their children that would follow their unique development and prepare them for life, not just the next grade, within a deeply Byzantine Catholic culture. 


Through the will of God and much support from the community, we will open our doors Fall 2017. SMA will offer a one of a kind, faith based and fully Montessori, education to children in the Denver area.



Through our five-year plan we will continue to expand as the children grow. 

2020-2022: one Primary Montessori Classroom serving 25 children ages 3-6

Dependent on finding a larger space and community support

2022-2023: open an Elementary Montessori Classroom serving children ages 6-9

2023-2024:  open a second Primary Montessori classroom and open an Elementary Montessori Classroom serving children ages 9-12