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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do we enroll our child?

    • Parents begin the enrollment process by setting up a tour of the school, filling out the application form online and paying the $100 application fee. If there are no spaces open in your preferred schedule, you will be placed on the waitlist.

  • Can my child be placed on more than one waitlist?

    • Yes! You may place your child on the list for any option that would work well for you at no additional cost.

  • How soon will we hear from you if we are on the waitlist?

    • In February of each year, we will contact waitlist families with open spots for the following school year. If your child is on the waitlist, you will be contacted according to the order of enrollment as soon as a spot becomes available in your preferred schedule. If a space becomes available and a date for enrollment is agreed upon, a completed enrollment packet, current health status and immunization records, and fees must be received by SMA before the child can start.


  • Can my child attend SMA if we are not Catholic or Byzantine Catholic?

    • Yes, we welcome families of all faiths and from all walks of life. As a school in the Byzantine Catholic tradition, sung or chanted prayer is a big part of our daily life. We begin and end the day with prayer and attend Liturgy regularly. We use Catechesis of the Good Shepherd to teach about the Catholic Faith and life of Christ, and weekly emails keep parents informed about what their children learn throughout the week.

  • What is the difference between the Roman and the Byzantine rites?

    • The Byzantine rite is one of the six rites that make up the Catholic Church. While doctrine and dogma remain emphatically the same and each rite recognizes the primacy of the Pope, the emphasis and expression look a little different. We invite you to visit our parish, Holy Protection of the Mother of God, to learn more. You can also visit our resource page for more info. 

  • Do you attend Mass/Divine Liturgy?

    • Yes, we typically attend Divine Liturgy (Byzantine Catholic Mass) at Holy Protection twice a month. During the Great Fast, Divine Liturgy is not said during the week so we attend a prayer service instead.

Schedule Options

  • What schedule options do you offer?

    • SMA offers full week and part week options, both full day and part day. These include Monday-Tuesday, Wednesday-Friday and Monday-Friday schedules. School days are consecutive in order to provide consistency for the child. Each day begins with drop off between 8:00 and 8:15am. Half day pick up is at 12:45pm and full day pick up is at 3:00pm.

  • What does Montessori Kindergarten look like?

    • For children to get the most out of their time at Sophia Montessori, we strongly suggest for parents to send their children to school for the full three-year cycle. The third year is critical in allowing children to master their academics and take on the role of teacher within the classroom. Kindergarten students are able to continue their academic work in the afternoons while younger children nap. 

    • To be recognized as kindergarteners at SMA, children must be enrolled full week – full day. Children enrolled part day or part week who are kindergarten age may continue their learning with SMA but it is required for parents to supplement learning at home. A supplement guide is available to parents. 

Fundraising and Tuition Support

  • What types of fundraising and tuition support do you offer?

    • Annual Gala: this event raises funds for a variety of needs for the school in addition to tuition support for families 

    • King Soopers and Amazon Smiles: all proceeds from King Soopers/Amazon go into the SMA tuition support fund

    • Sibling/Holy Protection Parish Discount

    • Tuition assistance is available to families in need. Once a family has been enrolled, they are eligible to apply for assistance through TADS. More information will be provided upon enrollment.


Sophia Montessori Academy is recognized as an independent Catholic School in the Archdiocese of Denver by Archbishop Aquila.

What Montessori credentials do your teachers have?

  • Our lead teachers are Montessori trained through MACTE accredited programs

  • Our assistant teachers receive intensive Montessori orientation and are supported in their learning. 

  • All staff study, research, read, and discuss Maria Montessori’s methodology and educational approach and research. All staff attend a minimum of 15 hours of professional development each year. 

Is SMA accredited by a Montessori institution?

  • SMA is validated as a Montessori school by the Colorado Montessori Association.

  • At this time, SMA is not formally accredited by a Montessori institution.



  • What does your security look like?

    • SMA staff is responsible for the safety and security of every child in our care. In order to keep the environment secure, the front door is locked at all times. A staff member is always present at the front desk during drop off and pick up times. All visitors are required to sign in at the front desk. In addition, our front door and playground are monitored by security cameras. 

  • All staff attend a safety training each year and complete yearly CPR, First Aid, Universal Precaution, concussion trainings. All staff are mandated reporters and complete a yearly training. 

  • A 1:10 ratio is kept at all times and adults are never alone one on one with a child without another adult nearby or without surveillance from security cameras. 

Immunization Requirements

  • Are immunizations required for my child to attend SMA?

    • SMA follows the Colorado State requirements for immunizations. Parents are required to provide a signed immunization card to SMA prior to their children starting at school. We are also required to have a current health form signed by a physician. 


  • Do you have uniforms at SMA? 

    • Yes! Uniforms are required for the children who attend SMA. Our uniforms are purchased through Educational Outfitters. We will give you details for uniforms in your enrollment packet. 

Extra Care

  • Do you offer extra care?

    • School is open from 8:00am to 4:30pm. Currently we are not offering Before Care. After Care (3:00-4:30) involves recess time, play and work time, crafts and projects, and story time.

Snack and Lunch

  • How do you do snack and lunch? 

    • Parents provide snacks and lunches for their children. SMA provides the lunch boxes and snack bags so that the items can fit into the child’s snack drawer and our refrigerator. Our snack period does not have a set time. Children are welcome to have a snack when they are ready to, or as a place is available at the snack table throughout the morning. This procedure allows the children to choose when to have a snack and learn the procedure independently.

    • We are nut free facility. 


  • Do you recommend any books to learn more about Montessori?

    • Yes! Some of our favorites include:

      • Maria Montessori: Her Life and Works by E.M. Standing

      • Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius by Angeline Stoll Lillard

      • Positive Discipline in the Montessori Classroom by Jane Nelsen and Chip DeLorenzo

      • The Montessori Method by Maria Montessori

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